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(Archived) A Killer Palm Evernote Solution

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I did some research. I promised to post and to look into what I consider to be a viable solution for the Palm - Evernote quest -- whether you use Evernote 2.2 or Evernote 3.0.

First off, I don't think that the GTDWannabe solution via plucker (see post here http://gtdwannabe.com/?s=plucker) is the only way to go.

I think a lot of GTD Evernote users whether Mac or PC enthusiasts should take a look at Mark Hurst's Bit Literary book http://bitliteracy.com/

Mr. Hurst is a brilliant thinker from MIT who wrote a book that emphasizes the value of simple txt files. I think that Evernote is an excellent simple text manager for its utter emphasis on simplicity and declutter alone not to mention file and digital life management.

The ultimate Palm Treo solution I can recommend is using DayNotez by Richard Murphy's team since it supports html, msdoc, csv and text export functionality as your notes capture device on the Palm. Please note that the html and text functionality are supported by DayNotez out of the box. You can then view your already existing Evernote files as .txt or html exported from either version of evernote in Plucker if that excites you or your txt documents in documents to go (which is what I recommend) or via your web browser with Evernote. The best way to use with DayNotez would be a piece of software called Mobile Write by http://www.inkmarksoftware.com for it's handwriting recognition -- it is very simple and powerful. The reason why I recommend DayNotez as your capture tool is that it organizes images, audio, and text out of the box and complements Evernote nicely.

I hope this helps.

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