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In the top left hand corner of the mac client is a round button with 2 arrows on it, hover your cursor over it and it will say "synchronise.....".

Press that button and it will sync with the Evernote servers.

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You will need to be more specific in describing what's different. If everything on the web appears on your Mac but not vice versa, then it sounds like you've set up local (IE non-sync'd) notebooks on your Mac. If so, you'll need to create new, sync'd notebooks on your Mac & move the notes from a local notebook to a sync'd notebook & then sync.

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ok.....now I think we're getting somewhere. BUT I seem to have the opposite....I have data on Evernote Web but some of that data is not on my Mac itself. Does that make sense? I obviously would like to have all the data stored in the "right" place and know that I have copies available so it could not be lost.

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When you create a help request through the help screen of EN Mac, you receive VERY quickly an automated response requesting that you send certain log information. I have submitted a dozen or so and never had a failure.

It sounds as though your request didn't make it through. Perhaps you could re-start the process? Click Help -> Technical Support.

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With EN Mac open, click Help -> Activity Log.

Within the log that opens, you should see some lines (among a LOT of other stuff) that look something like this:

2011-07-25 21:57:28 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending note changes...

You may find understandable error messages there.

EN tech support responds to premium account holders within 24 hours. It might take longer if you have a free account, which is why it's a good idea to learn to look for problems on your own. Many of them are easily solvable.

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Have not received any reply from the support team.....getting disappointed

Are you a Premium user? If so you'll get a response within 24 hours, if you are a free user then you go behind Premium users in the queue.

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