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(Archived) Why anroid phone when enter note location tab not display


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Hi All

I share my ever note account with all my sales staff, when they enter note after visit the customer , for iphone user I click on detail at top right , it will display general , tags, locations.

But when aneroid it only display general only. It does not display tag and locations.

Hope aneroid user can confirm with me . Or show me what need to set in order to display location ?


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Hi Paul,

I believe that you can open a note and click menu button and select view note info. It have the note's tag, location and information.

If you want to make a new note with location added into the note, go to setting and Check box in "Location for new note Notes" section.

Hope this help

Ah Fan

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Hi sir ,

Thank for your response. May be my question is not clear. Let me repeat hope it fine with you.

I create an account share with all iphone and android phone user.

When iphone user enter their text on Evernote , it have geo tags on the note. But android user enter note when I use my iphone to view their note I am unable to view the geo tags info ( go to note , clock on detail it does display location pull down list , view on map )

I try go to setting , I unable to locate the turn on geo tags .

Hope some one can enlighten me.


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