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Hi folks,

I haven't found anything about this in the forum.

I have a excel file with I use as a project data base. I now would like to import this data base into a notebook (each single row as single note).


1. how can I open a Evernote xml (*.enex) export file? MS Excel doesn't work.

2. how can I edit the *.enex file (or even better to reformate the Excel file) with my data and import it into a new Evernote notebook?

Thanks for your help.

Buschi from Germany

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You'll need to open the .enex file using some type of plain text editor (TextEdit will work, as will TextMate, MacVim, BBEdit and others). As far as formatting your Excel data, you won't be able to modify the data within the .enex file; when you add a binary file (a non-text-based file, in other words) to Evernote and export that note, the file is written as a byte sequence within the XML file.

If you want to bring your Excel data into the body of an Evernote note such that the data is then editable within Evernote, you're probably going to have to key the data in by hand (which may be time-prohibitive, depending upon how much data we're talking about). I just tried copying/pasting from Excel to Evernote and it didn't really work very well.

Good luck - sorry I couldn't be of more help!

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I have the same need. I would like to import an excel file (about 1000 lines) into evernote. Each line would become a new note into evernote. I read on a forum somewhere that an evernote employe wrote a macro to do this, Is this true????? May I get this macro???? If not... Is there a way to do what I want to do without having to do it by hand, one by one... Thanks

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