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This is my first feature request ever. I'd like to be able to create a new Notebook directly from the Evernote Chrome Extension clipper dialog window (e.g. - "New notebook" from the notebook selector list box). Right now I keep a tab open in Chrome with Evernote loaded and jump in there first to create a new notebook. Also, when I visit a page that has been clipped, I'd like a visual indication that it's already been clipped.

Amazing tool, Evernote. Not just for what it does but for the cool usage of other embedded tools like the Readability tech to "Decruft" an article automatically before including it. I came into Evernote strictly as a participant in the developer API contest, but I'm fast becoming an avid user. In fact, I was so flustered with my inability to manage my large collection of Chrome bookmarks that I was just about to write my own Chrome extension to do it. Now I don't have to. :D

-- roschler

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Good ideas, but, I think there could be a significant performance hit for the "visible" indicator on each page view. Slower for you and orders of magnitude more transactions for the Evernote service.

Personally I find the feedback with the Chrome specific options:

- Google Search integration and

- Note search in clipper

to be good enough for regular use.

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Hello Owyn,

I was worried about that too, but with HTML5's local storage database it could be done with a local hashtable and that would be near instantaneous. That table would be one more thing to have to keep sync'ed up but Evernote is already marvelous at that.

-- roschler

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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