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(Archived) Where are the Author, Lat/Long, Source, etc. fields(web)?

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When I look at a note in the Web based version of Evernote, I see the note tags, the Date Created and Data Modified, the notebook name and the note size as "meta" fields, right above the note content. What I don't see are the Author, Source, Source Application, Resource Type and other fields I've read about. Is there a screen or place to click that I've just plain missed so I can view these extended Evernote attributes?

-- roschler

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The Web client's note details do not currently give you access to those additional attributes.

[attachment=2]EN 110719 Web Note Details.png[/attachment]

The Web note edit function does give you access to Location.

[attachment=0]EN 110719 Web Note Edit.png[/attachment]

You can use the Windows client to view/edit them.

[attachment=1]EN 110719 Win Note Details.png[/attachment]

The new Web client was introduced as a Work in Process with lots of items to be released in the future.

Some of these have already been released, e.g. file attachments.

I assume (but don't know) that access to more note details is another item on the pending list.

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