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(Archived) Semi private public notebooks

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What would elevate Evernote to the next level for me would be to be able to make published notebooks private to a selected number of registered users with said notebook. This is already possible with most blogs but Evernote being "dynamic" I can see how it would replace my use of blogs for some purposes.

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Yes, we definitely plan to add an ability to "share" a notebook with individual email addresses, rather than a single public URL, in the next few months.


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I can't wait to see this functionality added to Evernote!

One more related request: Can you allow semi-private notebooks to be contributed to by all the registered users that are on the share list? For example, this would be incredibly helpful in an office environment for collaboration. Each registered employee could access and contribute to a common shared notebook and still be able to maintain their own private notebooks that are not shared with other employees.

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