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I miss the ability to collapse notes in the opposite way of how you now can collapse tags/notebooks so that I can see the full name of my tags or notebooks... Or maybe give the option to have them displayed in landscape on top, instead of to the left?

Using Samsung 10.1 w/ honeycomb

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Ok. Sorry for not posting examples. I've attached a screenshot from my device.

See how when I open a note, there is a gap around the left, top, and right of the note? I wish that gap wasn't there. When I go into edit mode, it leaves hardly any room for the editing window AND the keyboard.


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Another example would be would be to eliminate the Month divider block between notes. For those noteboooks that I only store a few notes a month there may be three or four blocks just that have no purpose but to show the number of notes in each month and year. This consumes a lot of screen space for no value added. The notes themselves are dated and can be sorted by date without the parsing block.


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