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(Archived) How can I manually bind a date into the future to a note?

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Headline edited for hopefully better understanding

I'm looking for a way, to bind a custom date (lying in the future) manually to a note in such a way, that I can create a relative "saved search" afterwards like "all notes with a date within the next week, month..." or similar (analogous the attribute "created yesterday, this week last week and so on), because sometimes some of my notes (web clippings from future events as an example) are unimportant today, but next week or next month they have higher priority.

First I was happy because in the windows EN client I found the field "subjectDate" wich is changeable only by myself (or I'm wrong?). But then after several experiments, I found: 1.) that searches are only possible for the past (like subjectdate:-day) but not for future dates (subjectdate:+day or subjectdate:+week) -> affirmed from the EN support team 2.) this field seems only be available within the windows client and not within the client on my mac :)

Is there a way, to create this kind of attibute / search ?? And if not, is it possible to implement this (custom date field available with all clients and the option to search not only -day -week but also +day +week ...) ?

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