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(Archived) Evernote Takes $50 million To Become The Anti-Zynga

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I was able to only watch the first ~half this a.m. Hoping to see the entire vid, later today. Very interesting stuff!!!

I'm not a big picture money person. Simply not my expertise, background or aptitude. But it seems to me that in addition to EN putting out (and regularly updating) an amazing product, having great customer support, having the goal to be a 100 year product (although I'm really only interested in the next ~40 years :D ) that they are cautious. They aren't trying to be the be all/end all product for everyone. It seems to me, they set out to be the ultimate cross platform collection/recollection tool. At it's inception, it was a niche product. Other apps are trying to replicate, now. EN isn't trying to be the best spreadsheet, presentation, formatted document, collaboration tool, etc app. Nor are they trying to go enterprise. IMO, they seem to just want to be the best personal data collection/recollection tool that we (as individuals) use. And I simply love it.

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Yes, exactly my sentiment.

EN is really one of those VERY few copmanies that have a long term strategy that is NOT geared towards making the most bucks for senior mangement and then exit as soon as someone puts big $$$ on the table. Even though the founders could easily walk away with their pockets full of cash now, they are choosing not to and instead keep putting out a great product.

I just hope that they can resist the offers of the Googles and Microsofts of this world, which surely will come in the future.

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Wonder what goodies are being stashed away for announcement on 18 Aug.

Hey. Just noticed, this is my 500th post here. Not even close to others, let alone Dave.


Took a screen cap, just for the record. :lol:

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As an IBMer (and IBM has just celebrated its first 100 years) I wondered if he was nodding to us - or teasing us. :-)


Congrats to IBM - 100 years is a big accomplishment. Well done.

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