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(Archived) Sorry - But what is the hype? Just Marketing?

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Congratulations on your recent funding.

... and I apologize for being a newbie, but how is this different than something like Microsoft OneNote? What are the big advantages over OneNote?

Wanting to get excited,


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It's everywhere you go, on every device.

You can capture anything you see/do. Web clips, voice notes, smartphone photos, PDFs, any type of file.

It OCRs the images you upload so you can search for text inside of images.

It puts no constraints on how you organise your data, everyone who uses Evernote probably has a different system.

I'm not sure how you could even put OneNote in the same category....

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Hi and welcome to the party. I've used most different types of (windows) note-taking software and this is the best. But that's a personal opinion. Why don't you try Evernote out alongside whatever solution you currently use and see which is easier to use, both in saving data and in finding it later? There are reviews of Evernote out there that will give you a flavour for the application as well as EN's home page, blog and podcasts.

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It's not our job to convince you to love Evernote. If you've played with it, watched the vids and perused the board to see how others are using it & see no obvious advantages of it, then you probably don't need it.

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The biggest advantage for me is that Evernote is wonderfully flexible. It adapts to what I want to accomplish. Also, the company is leaner than Microsoft and in my opinion reacts faster to customer feedback resulting in improvements on a regular basis.

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