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(Archived) Feature Request: To-do list button

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I often find myself in meetings jotting down notes in EN like a mad man. It would be nice to see a button next to the bulleted/numbered list with the same functionality, but when pressed, will add a to-do checkbox before each line.

That is all!

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Thanks, but that's not exactly what I had in mind. The shortcut Shift-Cmd-T adds a single checkbox item. What I'm getting at is that I would like to be able to select multiple lines, for example:

Pick up milk

Record baseball game

Pay bills

And click one button that will add a checkbox to each of those lines, similar to the bulleted list functionality, like so:

[ ] Pick up milk

[ ] Record baseball game

[ ] Pay bills

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You can select multiple items just not all at once. Evernote does not offer that as a feature. You could use a software program like Autokey to generate the keystroke, but Wern's suggestion to use Ctrl-Shift-C (in Windows) to generate the checkbox is probably easier.

Evernote example:

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Just tested a kluge way to create a list of checkboxes.

- Click a list icon to start a list

- Press Ctrl-Shift-C to insert a checkbox

- Press Enter

- Press up arrow

- Press shift down arrow to select checkbox and new line

- Press Ctrl-C to copy selection

- Press down arrow to clear selection

- Press Ctrl-V repeatedly to paste as many checkbox lines as you want

Hey. I did say it is was a kluge, but it works.

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