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(Archived) Need two note counts...

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I don't know if this is possible, which is why I'm asking.

I would like to group my notes into sections. Each section needs two subsections. I'm looking for a way to easily see how many notes are in each section/subsection.

Real-world analogy: I have a piece of paper with a line drawn down the middle splitting the page into two columns. Throughout the day, I write little one-line snips on the page. Some of the stuff goes into the first column; some goes into the second. When the first column gets full, I turn to a new page with two new columns.

I know Evernote won't create a new "page" automatically, but if I can see how many notes are in a "page" then I can create a new "page" manually. The problem is, the first "column" gets full at 30, but the second column on that same page can have anywhere from 0 to 30 items. If I saw the count for the "page", it would show the combined total and I'd have to do some actual effort to see if the first "column" was full. But I need everything on the "page"-- both columns-- to be grouped more-or-less as a unit. (I'm experimenting with using Evernote to implement this task-management system.)

Tags? Notebooks? Stacks? Saved searches?

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