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(Archived) Tablet/Honeycomb Optimized App!


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Hi all,

Just wanted to express how awesome it would be if the Android app was tablet optimized. With most Honeycomb tablets sporting 1280x800 resolution, there's plenty of options for something similar to the Windows desktop app, with notes thumbnails or list on the left, and note on the right.

The current Android app is very clunky on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Also awesome would be the ability to "write" on the touchscreen on an open notepad.

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The clipper applet works perfectly on my Xoom. I just pull up the bookmarks while the page to be clipped is in the browser and select the clipper bookmark. This requires you have the applet in your Chrome bookmarks and Chrome is synced with the tablet browser.

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It is great! just one thing that I realize when we edit a note, it is like open in floating window & left some screen unused. I think it's better just to open a note in full screen, so when we have our keyboard we use the rest of the screen to display the text at most. Cheers.

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