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(Archived) Android app will not display PDF files


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I have two PDF files that I have created from scans in Adobe Acrobat X. I have these in separate notes in Evernote. When I open the notes that contain them on the web or in the desktop application, they're fine. When I open the notes that contain them on my Android Phone (HTC EVO), they first show up xxx.pdf, but when I think click that link, I just get a plain white screen. The same thing happens on my iOS devices. As I don't have this problem with other files, my guess (?) is that this has something to do with the fact that these are color images, scanned in using the color auto-detect mode in Acrobat X and saved as pdf files. I have updated the Adobe Reader on my phone and the Evernote app. Any guesses? Apologies if someone has already asked this - I searched the forums without much success.

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