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(Archived) Evernote on startup

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I'm a new user with Evernote, I need something to jot down info when I need to as i'm hopefully starting uni in the next month or two.

The option I wanted to use was to enable Evernote to not only startup when I turn't on the pc/mac but was to see Evernote there on the screen ready to use and see what I have snyced with other devices (iphone etc), not just starting up and sitting in the background. There may be an option for this but I haven't seen it yet, could this be added to future versions if possible.


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Thank you for replying Wern, I have indeed enabled EN to startup with windows and that it does but at the moment its just in the background.

mmm strange i'll sort eventually :D.

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Well, EN is doing what it is designed for. But why make things complicated?

One click on the EN symbol (Elephant) in your tray (normally lower right side of your screen) and EN is up and running.

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