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(Archived) Attached file disappeared...

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Not saying this is an Evernote problem - most likely my fault; but just so you know..

I had a bad thing happen to me yesterday.. I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) attached to a note which I use for daily updating. I find the note easily by tag, click the attachment to open the file, do my editing and save the updated information back to the note. I have done this daily for months with no problems. Then yesterday I tagged back to the note to update the spreadsheet and.. no icon. No attachment file either when I tried to get to it through my "recent files" menu in Excel. There were a couple of older versions of the file in /attachments saved as (2) and (3) which suggests saving the file back from Excel is not always straightforward. One of those files is dated for yesterday, so I only lost a day's work (!) but I think I'll be saving my dailies back to my desktop as well as the note for a little while until I know what went wrong. I tried restoring an earlier version of the page, but restoring the recent day or two changes still don't bring back the icon. A system search doesn't show any other versions of the same file anywhere.

I guess I could have closed the Excel file without saving it first and chose "no" when the Windows close-file window asks automatically whether or not to save the changes, but surely that would have left the original file and icon unchanged?

If anyone has any (constructive) suggestions I'll be grateful for the input, otherwise if/ when I figure this out I'll let you know. Meantime you might want make sure you backup any daily changes to embedded files that are important to you rather frequently.

Now: where did I file that data...

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On a windows client, I can see this happening very easily. If you click on the file icon (word, PDF, excel or whatever) and accidentally hit the delete or even backspace it goes bye bye. It does it without warning.

I'd like to see a "are you sure ya wanna delete that?" conformation before deletion of a file.

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