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(Archived) Suggestion: "tags" column in note list




It would be great if the note's tags could be shown as a column in the note list. Even if with many tags it would just show partial results.

I use tags like "pending" or "waiting" or "closed" and it would be great to be able to easily see which notes are pending and which are waiting without having to open each one.



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I don't know about the Mac version, but the Windows client allows you to specify what fields are displayed in the results pane (mixed view) by right clicking on the heading line. (The line that displays the header for each column.)

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This is one of several features that have been in the Windows EN App a long time, but are NOT in the Mac app.

Many others have requested this feature as well.

Here's one example: Tag column for Mac?

For those of us that actually use the EN Mac app, this is a sorely missed feature.

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