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(Archived) Notes I Email Not Arriving



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So I found out that the note was going to my Spam filter and I just corrected the filter settings. What that means is that if I can now get notes via email, I'm going to send notes to me and then forward them elsewhere to avoid the notes from going into colleagues' spam filters. One extra step.

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We're continually working on email deliverability, it is a complicated and ever-shifting problem though. Thanks for reporting this, I'll let the team know. I'm guessing you're using an @yahoo.com email address?

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I'm using my office email (not Yahoo). It's our own server and the App River filter is catching notes I email to myself, which is strange. I told the filter that the notes are not spam so they are now reaching my inbox, but I can't send to my coworkers because their emailed notes will also go to spam. I might be able to get our IT people to correct this systemically and I'll check into that. For now, I'm emailing notes to myself and then forwarding them to colleagues.

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I am writing from a school and we want to use evernote with our students, but any message that we send is caught by postini and marked as spam, i think the issue is that evernote is trying to send email using the my signup email id and postini is able to detect that the email address is spoofed and hence marks it as a spam. Is there a way around it can we have evernote send out a email as noreply@evernote.com or something, it will be very easy of us to whitelist the address for our domain and effectively use evernote in our school.

Kailash Sharma

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I have the same problem, the mails sent from my evernote account often go to the spam of my clients ...

do you find solutions ?

(I use mail sending for professional contact)


(sorry for my english, I'm french)

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I had a similar experience this morning. A note I emailed never arrived. It didn't go to Junk, just seemed to not get there! This was from the Mac client.

I manually copied the content and pasted it into an email and sent it to the same address and it arrived more or less instantly.

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