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(Archived) redundant upload gobbled my quota!

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I enthusiastically tried Evernote today as a result of cross-promotion with Livescribe promotion of connect for Evernote.

Livescribe software is 'clunky' (at best) on the mac. upon my first attempts to upload a pencast session of an important board meeting (where I prognosticated the virtues of Evernote + Livescribe), i got several Spinning Pizzas Of Death (Livescribe desktop or connect to Evernote became unresponsive).

this inadvertently resulted in my first file, which is a bit over 20MB, to upload twice (um, duplicate detection, a feature request). so now 40 MB of my monthly quota is gone, even though i deleted the dupe and emptied the trash. but it's a monthly quota. I have a second meeting recorded, which is also a bit over 20MB but the remainder of my quota is just under 20MB, causing my second upload to be ignored (there is not a notice or warning, just NOTHING happens).

seriously, i can't upload my SECOND meeting pencast for another month? this has not really really been a good way to try out the new team-up with Livescribe.

can I have 20Megabyte-months credited to my limit?

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can I have 20Megabyte-months credited to my limit?

I don't know what a 20Megabyte-month is, but if you want to have your upload reset, you'll need to contact EN directly. (See my sig.)

The way EN works is that it's an upload limit. It's not like, say, Dropbox where you can 1.75 gigs, delete 1.5 gigs & then upload another 1.5 gigs. And yes, if you add the same 20 mb file to two different notes & upload them, it's 40 mb.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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