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(Archived) Organizing Documents Within a Note

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If I have a note with several documents in it (pdfs, word docs, etc) is there a way to set how the documents are ordered? If there is a particular document or documents I always want to be listed first, how would I do that?

Thanks so much.

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Just as a side note to this discussion: why have more than one attachment per note? You can have a LOT of notes, but only 25MB (50MB) of content in one note. While both limits are likely to be extended with time, so you might never actually run out of space, sorting generic note content is likely to be a continuingly difficult nut to crack. Do you sort lines? attachments? paragraphs? selected items?

And scrolling through a l-o-o-o-o-n-g note item by item is ...less easy on a small screen.

So: why not make a note out of every individual document and then sort them by date / number / tag so you can scroll to the one you want quickly? (Plus you can encrypt the attachment and add excerpts/ keywords to the body of the note as well as its tags to help searching.)

If you're a neat freak it is (as of recently) possible to have a "master" note with links to the other documents, so you see the full list on one note page with additional explanation and comments if required.

I speak from several months' worth of trial and error, and I think I'm finally fixed on the idea of "one item, one note" - whether the item is a pic, a DOC or a multi-page PDF.

It's still a somewhat uncomfortable decision because I remain suspicious of a notebook with thousands of items findable only if I use the right tag or keyword, or remain organised and coherent enough to add a link to the relevant master note.. but I haven't actually lost any information yet (AFAIK) except temporarily for those items that I scanned to a folder and then forgot to upload...

Last point - in my experience it's a race to get stuff into Evernote so I can use the database; I'm choosing the easiest short term options, but realise that along the way in my future copious free time I'll be able to garden the data to make it prettier and more efficient - deleting or archiving old stuff, merging notes where there are only one or two small comments, and tidying up my increasingly messy tag structure.

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I'm using the notes to house lengthy regulatory reports I write for work. I have a report for each state, so my method now is within my 'Regulatory Reports' notebook, creating a note for each state, and then within each note putting the various updates to the report (updates are done every 3 months or so), along with any additional documents that are relevant to that report.

For some reports, there may be 5-10 additional documents I want to have in the note. Ideally, I would like to always have the actual report itself at the top of the list. So I was wondering if there is a way to do that automatically instead of dragging and dropping.

Hope that made sense!

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Why not have a master note for each state, and then keep your associated notes separate, but link them from the master note (and tag them all so that you can filter on just that set of documents easily). Every time you add a new supporting document, update the master note with a link. Not sure where the updates go, but probably right in the master note. Generally, the master note will be updated more frequently, so a sort by updated time will keep it at the top.

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