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(Archived) Can't log into forum with Safari; Firefox works



I have run into this problem repeatedly: I try to log into the forum with latest Safari and nothing happens except the username and password fields get cleared. No problem at all with Firefox.

This is literally the only site that I have seen this problem on. What the hey?

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Rob, I just checked and have no problem logging in on Version 5.0.5 Safari on my end.

Have you completely shut down your Mac since you downloaded the newest version? - I mean other than when the update was loaded. As silly as it seems I find that often that clears whatever little bothersome hiccup is happening.

If the problem still continues I would recommend a support ticket. In your request be sure to say the version (actual number of the version) of Safari and the version of the OS you are using. The more details you can give them, the easier it is for them to solve the problem.

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