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(Archived) New Feature Suggestion: Highlight, right click, create note

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I am using note links to maintain a list of tasks in one note with checkboxes, and link to sub-notes with details for that task.

It would awesome if, when typing my list (or viewing an existing list) I could highlight the text of the list item, right click it, and select Create Note... or Create Linked Note... and it creates a note in the same notebook, using the highlighted text as the title, possibly copies the tags (which can be edited) and stick you in the body ready to type.

With such a feature I can build up lists of things that need doing, and when I am ready to work on a particular thing, or to go into more detail, at that point I can quickly and easily create a linked note.

Instead what I have to do now, is select the text, right click it, and copy. Then create a new note, manually set its title (paste), assign its notebook, then right click the note in the list of notes to the left, copy its note link, find my way back to the original note, locate the text I copied / entry in the list, highlight it again, and paste the link I just copied in its place, then click the note link to get back to the new note so I can start working on it.

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