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(Archived) Probems with outlook?

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About 4-5 months ago I got started on Evernote and really liked it. However, my outlook started acting really strange. My folders would start disappearing along with a few other quirks. The Evernote help desk suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the newer version. So, I unistalled Evernote and my Outlook started working properly. Just recently, I re-installed Evernote after several months of no problems with outlook. I had the exact same probems with Outlook not running like it is supposed to. After a week or so of that I unistalled again and the problems went away. I am on Windows XP and am using Office 2003. I have 3 GB of ram and plenty of hard drive space. I keep my system updated and defragged. Another think that may be complicating matters is that I have several other Outlook Add-on/s. The biggest being the GTD for Outlook add-on which has given me a little trouble, but nothing major. I also run Prophet CRM add-on of which I have never had a problem. I would really like to use Evernote, but the current Outlook issues are too much to work around. Any thoughts?

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I also had this problem with Evernote. My first fix was just to open each hung up mail and hit forward on each mail and they went out.

Then I figured out that the problem was Evernote COM Add-Ins to Outlook 2003. Go to Outlook then Tools tab then Options then Other Tab then Advanced Options then COM Add-ins and uncheck or delete Evernote. This fixes Outlook mail but removes Evernote from Outlook. Which I have not used much together anyway.

Evernote is not the only company with buggy COM Add-Ins for Outlook. Might have to uncheck others if you have more listed there. Outlook is bloatware but I'm married to her big ass! I tried cheating with her ugly sister Outlook 2010 but she was even bigger and uglier so I went back to 2003. I use Thunderbird on my Laptop and Netbook. Fast and sleek and thin. She understands IMAP. Outlook barely can read IMAP. :)

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