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(Archived) Multiple account question



I discovered Evernote about a month ago, and am loving it.

I told my wife about it, and she also thought it sounded good, so we created an account for her. However, when she's logged into her account (on the same computer), my notebooks show up under her profile (though the notes within the notebooks are not available / visible). In other words, all of my notebooks, though empty, are showing up under her login, which makes things much messier than they need to be. I assumed that only her notebooks would be visible when she was logged in. I haven't done any sharing yet, and none of my notebooks are "shared" with her. In the future, I think sharing particular notebooks will be beneficial - just not all.

Can anyone point me in the right direction so we can eliminate other user's account notebooks from being visible?


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Well, after a lot of web browsing, it appears that I can't do what I was hoping to.

However, now I'm stuck in my wife's login. I've been searching for how to log out so I can get back into my account, but can't find anywhere that has that solution. There's lots of threads discussing how Mac's can't do the multiple account thingy the way people would like, but nowhere I've found do they explain how to get out of an account.

Moving forward, we'll either set up our Mac for multiple user logins, or one of us will use the online version of EN, but for now, is there anyway I can get logged back in to the desktop version?


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Hi brvako,

Menu Bar - Evernote --> Account Info...

Is that what you are after?

If you still have the other notebooks laying around (which would be worthy of a bug report), you could try removing Evernote from the system and reinstalling it.

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