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(Archived) Scan vs photo

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I'm wondering if Evernote handles PDF's differently to JPG's.

I want to get some ideas from woodworking magazines into evernote.

Will I get better results by taking photos with my iphone or by scanning?

Will evernote handle one more cleanly than the other?



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I would recommend scanning to a PDF. You can store multiple magazine pages to the same PDF.

Here is some information from Dave Engberg last year:

  • "Our handwriting recognition for JPEG produces a hidden internal search "tree" for the image, which lists a cloud of possibilities for every word-shaped region. This representation isn't very useful for actually extracting the text, it's only good for searching against these clouds within Evernote. However, it's helpful for finding lower-quality images within Evernote."
    "Our text processing for PDF is basically using best-of-breed OCR software to produce a second PDF document that we internally index. This PDF is more usable for people that want to (e.g.) copy and paste text out of a cleanly scanned document, but doesn't provide a "cloud" of possibilities for each word, which reduces the results for handwritten text noticeably."

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