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(Archived) Anybody tried it on OSX Lion yet?



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Just upgraded to Lion GM on my MBP and installed Evernote from the app store (first time install, V2.2.0 (152876)).

It starts, shows the sign pane but from thereon it is only the beach ball....

Killed it a few times but no improvement.

After the signin pane shows, there is a very small time frame in which you can click it away before the beach ball shows.

If I do that, the app seems to function properly.

Credentials can be entered via Evernote->account info.

Seems some work left....

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You're doing better than me. I'm running Lion Developer Preview 2 (Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A494a)) and when I launch the Evernote app, the multi-language grey window shade of doom scrolls down and the whole system locks. Have to force restart each time. Hope a working version is released same date as Lion officially releases...

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Sounds like Lion broke many things again. We had that round a few years ago with Snow Leopard, hopefully Evernote will not fall victim to a "surprise" Lion availability without an updated working client.

Evernote, I look forward to a Lion compatible version soon. :D

don't forget the iOS5 client too :lol:

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In addition to Safari clipper issue noted above, EN shortcuts only work when the main EN window has focus.

New Note shortcut does not create new note when EN does not have focus. When I select EN window after pressing New Note shortcut a new note window appears shortly after EN window comes to front. After a little testing, Paste and Clip Full Screen are acting the same as New Note. Clip Rectangle allows you to select the clip area, but a new note containing the clipped area doesn't appear until I click on the main EN window. Pressing Search in Evernote shortcut does not bring EN window to front.

I am running EN Version 2.2.2 (156801) on Lion GM.

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