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(Archived) rebuilding after disk crash



I was properly backed up except for the last two weeks of notes. before the disk died I made a copy of the com.evernote.Evernote folder and I can see the names of the notes and other stuff. I would like to get these orphaned notes back into Evernote.

(I can’t restore the missing refs by downloading from the web; I believe the older library of notes was overwritten with the restored, truncated library of notes when it synced. missing notes not on web.)

how can I bring the orphaned notes which are on my computer back into evernote?

what is the name of the evernote file that indexes all the notes? Evernote is currently using the index from a month ago; I would like to see if I manually backed up the later version of the index.

anything else I can do? Like rebuild the whole database?


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