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(Archived) "Error occurred while interacting with Evernote Service..

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Thanks for such a quick response.

I have no problem opening secure websites, including my online bank account.

Is there a preferred version of WM? I could always experiment with flashing a different ROM to see if that helps, although different versions of WM6 and WM6.1 have produced the same error. I'll also raise this question on http://forum.xda-developers.com/ and post an update here if I get a successful reply.

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Our WM application is just using the same network interfaces as Internet Explorer, so if IE can open "https://preview.evernote.com/m", then our application should be able to do the same. Unfortunately, carriers and mobile vendors can occasionally mess up the Windows packaging of security & certificates, etc.

The next WM software update will include a small change in the URL that is used by the clients, which may address this problem. You can also try emailing notes in to the address listed on the Settings page of the web UI until this problem is addressed.

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Hi Dave,

Problem is solved. The Chinese fontpatch cab I used for showing Chinese characters stops Evernote from authenticating the login from WM devices. Please advise Evernote users from China with English versions of WM6 to use CE-Star software (www.mobem.com) to display Chinese text as an alternative. Otherwise, you may encounter the error message, which troubled me for the last 2 months.

This could be a big niche issue if someone uses your api to make a killer app that scans and translates Chinese text on labels, menus and street signs in the Middle Kingdom. Imagine how useful that would be in the Olympics.

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Thanks for providing details on this fix. I've added it to the short "known incompatibilities" list we've started, here:


We would definitely like to add Chinese support in the next year or so. This will involve a lot of new work in our text searching/indexing engine, as well as our image processing library, but it would be very valuable for us.


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