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(Archived) Feature request: modifiers to "Clip Rectangle..."



Didn't know where else to go to request this feature. This is present in the Windows version and it is very handy, I used it almost daily at work (I recently got switched to a MacBook and I miss the feature dearly). Basically, in Windows, when you take a screenshot (pressing Print Screen) and the Evernote Helper is running, you can select a Window or Rectangle area to clip AND if you hold Ctrl or Shift you get different options. Here is the description from the KB:

If you hold the Ctrl key while clipping, the image will be added to your system clipboard where it can be pasted into another application like Photoshop or Paint.

If you hold the Shift key, the image will be saved to your desktop.

If you hold neither of these keys, the image will be added to a new note in Evernote.


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