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(Archived) Web Clipper in Firefox 5



Having installed the latest version of Web Clipper in FF5 I cannot find a way to use it. When I press the Evernote icon, I am asked for my username and password. However it gets rejected all the time. I have no problem logging on to Web Evernote using the same username and password. Help! Leonard

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I Had this exact same problem after upgrading to FireFox 5 and Finally figured it out :)

It first started when I couldn't Clip to evernote by clicking on the Elephant icon, but i was Logged In.

Then after a week, it started asking me to Log-In, but would Fail.

If I put the wrong password in, it would give and error in red txt.

But if the correct password was entered with my username,

it just led to a repeated request to Log-in with NO red txt error msg.

Arg #!?% infinite Loops!


1. Un-install the EverNote add-on, then Close out of FireFox

2. Go into Finder and find your FireFox user profile

[username] Library/Application Support/FireFox/Profiles/[your profile.default]/extensions

3. Find All folders that mention EverNote and send them to trash. You may find more then one, that was my problem!

4. Open FireFox5 and install the latest EverNote Add-on and Restart

Log-In to EverNote,

it should work if you got all the pieces of evernote to the trash.

I hope this fix's your infinite loop logon error :D

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