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screen does not time out

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I have the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1, and when typing notes, the screen never times out or dims. I don't like this as it makes my battery die. I use this for class notes, and expect the screen to turn off after minute or so as is my setting for android. Is this meant to be?


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Hi Guys,

Yes, Evernote doesnt let screen timeout only while creating or editing a note.

You can use a workaround to switch off/on the screen by pressing the power key (press only once).

The reason is that some users prefer that the screen must not time out to let them enter the text without unlocking the screen.

Some users might have a phone lock and it becomes painful to enter the pin again and again while taking notes in a meeting.



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Ok. Personally, I find this frustrating, as it will kill my battery and remain on for as long as I do not touch my tablet. It would be really nice for this to be an option or at least have a high timeout, such as 10 minutes.

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I have the same issue.

Since I use my note 8.0 as my work notepad this is really horrible.

I think you should leave the screen lock off but you should turn the display off "manually" and not using the OS until the pen is in proximity, there is a screen touch or a Bluetooth keyboard key is pressed.

The battery drain is horrible!!!!!

This way you can also set improve battery time even more by overriding the system timeout to have it shorter (5 sec) - you can add this to preferences. 


For anyone using the Evernote as main note taking tool i.e. for meeting minutes (I believe you would like more people to do so) - this is a critical feature!!!

When you will have it ready it is a very good promotion feature (extended battery life) 




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I have the exact same problem using an LG - MS770, Android 4.0.4.


I have been using Evernote to keep a dream journal. Thus, as I often open the app and begin typing immediately upon waking, sometimes in the middle of the night, I am often tired and sometimes fall asleep before I finish typing what I intended on including in a note. There have also been a few times I have been composing/editing/reading a note and set my phone down to go do something else, forgetting to close the app before I did. Boy, was I ever sorry I left it running. 


If I leave the app open, regardless of whether I touch the screen or press any buttons, the app forces the screen to keep running (at full brightness, no less) and refuses to let the screen go into sleep mode. Even when the battery reaches a critical level, Evernote keeps draining the battery for no good reason. It *will* do so until the phone dies. The last time I fell asleep before closing the note, I awoke 3 hours later to find my phone off. I had just charged it to full capacity before going to bed, so this seemed very odd and I thought perhaps I accidentally pressed the power button. So I attempt to turn the phone on to find it had turned itself off after being drained to a critical level of 2%. Keep in mind this happened in a matter of mere hours from a full battery. My battery will normally last about 24 hours or more when in idle.


Evernote is *the only* app I have on my phone that refuses to let the screen time out and drains the battery to death.  I agree as another user, Avi, stated that "this is a critical feature!!!". If other apps can manage not to inadvertently drain your entire battery, why can't Evernote?  I could understand concern over not wanting to save changes to a note that have not been prompted/confirmed by the user, however simply allowing the screen to time out and "sleep" would be very helpful and frankly altogether necessary.


I have to disagree that unlocking a screen is more annoying than dealing with a dead battery. Also, Evernote does NOT ask me to enter a pin…ever. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be the case, but I never have to enter my pin to access anything. All I want it to do is turn the screen off after a long period of time has passed… Sure, I could understand having to unlock after a few minutes would be frustrating for some people…but come on, three hours? four hours? five hours? Where does it end? Is it really reasonable to demand the screen be on at full brightness for five continuous hours? I think if no input is detected after one hour, it’s safe to say the user is busy with something else, and even if they aren’t, turning the screen back on after one hour is not a major inconvenience. Could you at least make the screen dim after a long period of time has passed? I don’t think anyone would disagree that forcing a screen timeout once the battery reaches a critical level is anything but a necessary feature. If your battery is at 3% do you really want Evernote to keep running when you're not even using it? I think this should at least be an option.


.I have only been using the app for a few months, but I have begun using it more often, and it would be a shame if I had to trash it. I just can't take the risk of being without a phone when I need it or missing calls because Evernote made my phone die. 

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Were these issues ever resolved? Having the options for the screen to time out normally and to use the system brightness setting would be great... 

I have many Android tablets but I usually use my Samsung Tab 4 7.0 for Evernote because of its expanded clipboard which will store 20 clips, 10 of which can be locked. (This feature doesn't work with many apps but it does work with Evernote.)

I usually like to stick with older versions of apps so I am running EN version 6.0.2.

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Is this feature really that had to implement or is Evernote development just dead to users? Not only is this a power issue but it is a security issue. The ability to ignore screen timeouts and security timeouts should be a specified setting not a "it just works this way" feature.

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Unbelievable! This topic had started in 2011 and even after 5 years there is no solution from Evernote!

I can understand some users may want the screen to stay on so at least give an option for users who don't. It can't be that difficult right?

The lack of support for such a basic feature may lead many to move to another note app.

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Further above it says that "some users prefer that the screen must not time out". Maybe Evernote could do a poll and ask users what they would prefer.

I personally also dislike that the display is kept on. Sometimes I just quickly take a look at a note in Evernote and then put the phone away, only to find out later when I grab the phone again that the display was lit all the time.

Also, it should be possible to make it into an option in Evernote's settings, so each user could set this to his own liking

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I too have had this problem, I have contacted Evernote.  I have come to the conclusion that they just don't care about Android at all -and Windows is just an ugly stepchild - (except for collecting the big bucks for an all inclusive fully compatable application - which it has never been.....

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On 12/29/2017 at 6:36 AM, Scritter said:

I too have had this problem, I have contacted Evernote.  I have come to the conclusion that they just don't care about Android at all -and Windows is just an ugly stepchild - (except for collecting the big bucks for an all inclusive fully compatable application - which it has never been.....

Welcome to the forums, @Scritter, but.... I too wish Evernote would update the software more predictably (or faster), but I can't see them "not caring" about Android. There have been major changes to the underlying basis of the editor in the last year or so, and it takes time to get everything up to speed, in the context of trying to bring a better and more consistent editing experience across multiple platforms (as I understand the aim to be).

As for "the big bucks for an all inclusive fully compatable application - which it has never been," I'm not quite sure what you're getting at regarding Evernote for Windows. But I don't consider $70/year to be big bucks at all for a system that lets me upload 10 GB of new material per month (I've never come close), sync across a wide variety of devices, and search text found even in images, besides PDFs and text documents. After I pay my cable and cell phone bills, less than $6/month for Evernote seems cheap, in fact.

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A (relatively?) new feature of the discussion forums is, you can vote for your favorite feature request. So everybody, go to the link below and, be sure you're logged in, then smash that up-vote button, it is top left of the screen. Attached is a screen shot of it, it is circled in red




EN vote icon.JPG

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