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(Archived) Shfit-Tab in Bulleted List not working


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If I start a Bulleted list, and use tab to indent to a lower level, and then try to Shift-Tab to return the bullet to the top level, the focus changes to the source url, instead of decreasing the indentation. I think this is new with the newest update.

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Hey, good find. I think that you're right that this is new. I was able to use Ctrl+Shift+M to unindent my bullet point, but I'd rather have Shift+Tab back for that.

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When I tried Shift+Control+M it did unindent -- but I lost the bullet.

Appears that the bullet disappears only sometimes -- not all the time -- when using Shift+Control+M to unindent. I'll try to determine what circumstances cause the bullet to disappear, and when it stays.

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This bug is already fixed, so next public release will have Shift+Tab in the note body working as before.

This bug doesn't seem to be fixed for me. I want a two level indented bullet list. On the first level I want each bullet to describe, for example, a group of colours: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary. On the second level I would like to see actual colours. So it should look like this:

  • Primary
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue


    • Orange
    • Green
    • Violet


    • Yellow-Orange
    • Yellow-Green
    • Blue-Green ...etc.

However, in Evernote for Windows I get to the end of typing "Blue" then I press return and then I press the decrease indent button which should put me in the position to type "Secondary" with the top level bullet point. This is how it works on this forum, in Word and every other application I use. However, in Evernote it just stops the bullet marks entirely and I have to start a new list.

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