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(Archived) Move DB Location on Mac edition




For data security reasons, I need Evernote's local DB to be stored on a secure volume. Thus, I'm looking to see how I can change the location of the DB with the Mac edition. There have been several threads in the forum on this topic, but only for the Windows edition (here, here, and here). What's the status for the Mac edition?

In the meantime, a bit of sleuthing reveals the DB on OSX seems to reside at

~/Library/Application Support/Evernote

I am toying with the idea of moving this Evernote directory to the secure volume and replacing the directory entry with a symbolic link. On UNIX systems this is a common way to move the location of files & directories without requiring any changes to applications. Unfortunately some apps still get unstuck if for some weird reason they depend on these pathnames being directories (subtle reasons why).

Then, there are also several Evernote caches:





What's in these caches? If security is a concern, should all of these directories be relocated with symlinks too? I suppose they should...

Has anyone attempted this?

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