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how to I print to Evernote


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In Windows: Choose a pdf-printer and print/save to the auto-import folder of evernote.

In one of my pdf-printers I have got a default profile with this option, works like a charm.

Greetings from Munich, EvB.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for replies. I know about both cute-pdf and other pdf printer. When having done a print they always ask where to save, and I suppose that would have to be in that "auto-import folder of evernote". However I have no idea how that folder works.

Can someone explain?


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Still, it would be much better if EN was a virtual printer. When you bring things in via a PDF, you can't annotate it or do anything with it really inside evernote. If you could print directly into EN, it would be a lot cleaner design and would increase the overall value of EN immensely. IMHO. Loved this feature in OneNote and miss it very much.

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Take a good PDF-Printer like, say, Bullzip, and you can choose the output format. E.g., in Bullzip you can choose PDF, but JPG, PNG and others as well ...

And you can define profiles with, according to your needs, output folder, file format, resolution etc.

One or two PDF-printers systemwide are enough, I do not need additional printers in single programs.

Regards from Munich, EvB.

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A very belated comment. I used to print groups of notes to CutePDF from Evernote, but now (October 2014) Evernote does not recognize CutePDF as a printer. Are others having the same experience?


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