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(Archived) Newly added tag is ignored



I'm a user of 2.2.1 on OSX 10.6.8.

Changing the notebook right after typing a tag without moving focus from Tags line may cause a problem.

You can't find the note with the newly added tag.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open an existing note in main window.

2. Type an existing tag at the end of Tag line on Note's header and complete candidate selection by pressing Enter once, but keep the focus.

3. Change the notebook from drop down list on Note's header.

4. Search the note by the tag you added.

Interestingly, after syncing, the tag will be rightly detected from Web version/iOS devices.

However, on Mac, the tag continues to be ignored.


- Moving focus after typing new tag (e.g. by pressing Tab) before changing notebook. It works.

- Make any changes to the note with "ignored tags". You can rescue the note with its tags.

- Use Tag Selection of the left-navigation pane when tagging.

I exported the note with "ignored tags" and compared to correct note, but found no differences.

I guess it is a problem of internal cache or something like that.

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I'm seeing the same problem. This is very, very bad. The impression is that Evernote has lost the items that I gave it. The fix is pretty painful since I didn't discover this issue until after tagging ~300 items. I am now in the process of retagging every one of those things which is not fun.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.) Upload a new note

2.) Select the new note and tag it with a new tag (or a tag that has just been created)

3.) Move the note into a different folder using the folder dropdown on the right side of the window

4.) Repeat for several/many other new notes

5.) Click on the "All Notebooks" item in the "Notebooks" panel

6.) Find the new tag you used in the "Tags" panel and click on it.

Results: No items appear.

Expected: A list of the items with that new tag should appear.

(Note: Beside the new tag is a number in parentheses representing the number of items with that tag. That number is CORRECT (strangely enough).

Repeatedly Sync'ing did not help.

Waiting 24 hours did not help.

Workaround: Manually find each note and remove the tags, then re-add the tags one at a time.

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