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(Archived) Buy additional upload credits?

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I'm contemplating moving a LOT of stuff into EN which means a huge spike at the start and then we level off to regular use.

For a bunch of newcomers I think a similar scenario might exist: start with the service, upload your backlog of "stuff", then use to keep up to date.

500MB/month won't cut it for me, initially. Is it possible to buy additional upload?

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Congratulations on the public beta launch. There are lots of great new features and the interface is great.

People need more payment options. I am a Brit living in China where Google Checkout cannot be used. Bear in mind that there are more than 160 million computer users in China and quite a lot of them have English as a third language after Mandarin and their local spoken dialect.

Paypal works great in China. So does direct credit/ debit card payment. I would happily pay a small transaction fee to use another payment option.

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Thanks for the feedback ... we definitely plan to support additional payment systems. Getting integrated with one recurring payment system was enough work for our initial release, and it's useful to hear that Paypal is a good option for China.


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