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(Archived) Premium user with Adds in public notes!

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Evernote is great an that is why I signed up for the Premium account right away. I will probably never reach the 500 MB limit pr. month, but I really want to support this excellent product!

That said I still find my self wondering why I, as a Premium user still have Adds in my public notes. When i send my users to my public notes i only want to have them see my stuff. :D

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Good point. We intended to do this already, but it looks like we missed it. We'll remove ads from the public notebooks of Premium users in the next update.


Be sure to make mention of it when describing the benefits of going premium -- it actually is more of a draw to me than the increased bandwidth is -- and it's not necessarily an obvious feature, as there are a number of occasions when paying premium price doesn't rid you of advertisements. (Television, Avantgo -- a few other things remove adds from the user's view but leaves them in public views (ala the public notebook)).

Ads disappearing from public notebooks probably would knock me off the fence, where upgrading is concerned.

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