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(Archived) Extremely annoying behavior



This happens all the time to me:

I click "new note". It's created in the "untitled" notebook. The first thing I want to do is change that to the notebook I want the note to go into. So that's what I do.

Then, with head down, I'll start typing tags or something. When I look up, imagine my surprise to see that the tags are going into some old note in the "untitled" notebook, instead of into the note I just created! That's because when I changed the new note's notebook, it disappeared from the current view, which is of the untitled notebook. Grrr!

Couldn't there be a user option that when you change a note's notebook, the main window "follows" the note to wherever you've just moved it? Or maybe you can figure out a better UI. But this one bites me regularly.

Help, please.

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