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(Archived) Cannot Open Pdfs


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Most of my notes are pdfs created from a Lexmark Pro905 using the built in Evernote widget on the 905.

They work fine using the Evernote Windows client and also when logged into the web interface.

However the when using the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy S I can search and view notes ok but when I press the pdf box on the note to actually view the pdf I get an error message "Error Opening File. It appears to be damaged". I think the message may be generated by the pdf reader "Thinkfree".

I dont get an option to save the pdf first (even if I press and hold the pdf button).

The only way I can read the pdfs is to select the email option and then email them to myself which kind of defeats the purpose of the app.

I dont have a problem if the note is an .xls which is read by the same application (Thinkfree).

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I've install adobe and it gives the same message.

Done a bit more experimenting and it appears that only pdf's orginating from my Pro905 have this issue, although the pdfs from the 905 appear to work everywhere else.

Any ideas?

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