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(Archived) Really wish Notes could be mailed WITHOUT the Evernote link!


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As much as I love this app, there are a fair amount of notes I send (in the professional domain primarily), that I wish didn't have this link...at the TOP for God's sake!

Its just not a professional look.

Yes I can copy paste, but'd really like to just send out via the app mail feature.

Anyone else feel this way?


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I agree that all references to Evernote should be removed from the email.

Emailing the Note to yourself is not really a viable workaround when you are sending from a mobile device:

  • [*:3qgespce]If you're sending it from a mobile device you usually don't have the time to go through an edit cycle.
    [*:3qgespce]Editing on a mobile device may be text only and would remove any rich text formatting in the original Note.
    [*:3qgespce]Seems like the Evernote link should be remove at least for Premium users (just like promotions)

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