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(Archived) Android/Nook Color Missing SD Card


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Evernote for Android requires an SD card to function. (This includes our Evernote for Nook Color product, available exclusively in the BN Market.)

If you install Evernote without an SD card in your Android device, you will receive a "Missing SD Card" error. The only way to correct this issue is to quit Evernote, install an SD card, then restart Evernote.

If you have an SD card and are receiving this message in error, please remove the card temporarily, then replace it.

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It works, Galaxy tab must have an internal SDcard as well.

It works on my Galaxy tab bought in USA.

Yeah, I'm not sure what the Galaxy Tab has, but Evernote is fine with it. I do have a app manager that keeps telling me to put various apps on my SD Card to which the tab tells me I don't have one.

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