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(Archived) Note View font not changing in SnippetView when prefs change




This issue came at the same time to Evernote app on my laptop and desktop, with an upgrade I auto-installed in early June (like 2-3 June or so). I left for vacation right after and didn't note the version, but I also came home last night & updated and it still persists on both Mac apps. Both are now running 2.2.0 RC 2.

The issue is that the Note List Font is not the font (or size) that I'm specifying in my prefs when I view in Snippet View (which is what I use 100% of time). I troubleshot to confirm that Source List and Note Text fonts prefs are acting correctly...and made sure I was changing Note List prefs into something totally radical so that I'd definitely know if it was changing or not. To confirm: the Note List Font prefs *do* show the font change correctly in List View, and font changes update there as they should. But no font changes occur when I view in Snippet View, and the font displayed is like Arial or Helvetica 14, not my beloved Calibri...

Has Snippet View changed in the way it will display, or did one of the updates in early June break this feature? Thank you.


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I think this is a bug - I've managed to completely break my Preferences so that now the Note List field is completely blank and I can't select anything.

Restating Evernote doesn't seem to resolve this.

I'll add a link to this thread to another bug report for this version.

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