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(Archived) Snippet View Changes in EN Mac 2.2 RC2



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Although no announcement was made in this forum, Evernote pushed out an update to the EN Mac client last night:

Version 2.2.0 RC 2 (06/13/2011) build 153822

  • [*:2x6plg1c] Snippet View improvements
    [*:2x6plg1c] Misc. bug fixes

@evernote: Could you please provide the details of the changes to the Snippet view and a list of the bugs that were fixed?

I can't see any difference in the Snippet view. Here's a Before and After update screen shot:

BEFORE (EN Mac 2.2 RC1)


AFTER (EN Mac 2.2 RC2)


The only difference I see is in the first Note, which changed because the content of the Note changed.

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I do see a significant change in the snippet view, however I was on the latest public version for Mac, and just switched to the 2.2 RC2, and the point size is much larger and the photos seem to load faster. Would be nice to have an option to reduce point size, I like the more compact size. This looks so magnified, it creates more scrolling.

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Also in EN 2.2 RC2 filenames and file sizes of embedded pdf-files are displayed in the snippet view. I see, that this might be useful fopr some users. In my case it's not! I scan a lot of documents into EN, filenames are created by my scanning software and are thus not informative at all.

Maybe some options to personalize snippet view wouldn't be a bad idea...

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Maybe some options to personalize snippet view wouldn't be a bad idea...

I really like your idea.

It's clear that there is a variety of formats that people would like to see.

It would be very cool to have a set of checkboxes in Preferences that each user could select which elements are to be included in the Snippet view. This is essentially like allowing the user to select the columns and order of the List view, which is currently supported.

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