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(Archived) Chrome Clip Feature Suggestion

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I was going through a blog that was a part X of X series. To add these all of the series into a single Evernote document, I had to clip each page separately into Evernote). Next, I had to open each clip in Evernote and then copy the clip contents one by one and paste them into the master document which held all of the articles.

Suggestion to add this type of feature:

1. User creates a new clip (article, full page etc).

2. User creates another clip from the next blog in the series

3. Evernote plugin notices that this new clip is in the same domain (URL is slightly different than previous clip) and asks if we would like to append to previous document OR just as a default offer a option to append to previous clip'ed document.

4. If user is planing to pull more clips to append into an existing document (last or from list), then the user should be given the option to continue clipping or go to Evernote to display the clip. As it does now after the clip it loads the clip in Evernote and displays it automatically.

I am sure this feature would also be great for anyone doing research for a topic and would like to clip multiple clips, from the same domain or different domains, into the same document for review later. This feature would be a major time saver.

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