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(Archived) Improvement in taking snapshots

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As detailed in another thread, I reinstalled Evernote on my phone (Cingular 8525, original ROM) today, and I noticed an improvement in the "snapshot" command. When I first tried it, the camera was locked into minimal resolution, so that the resulting photo wasn't useful for anything. The only way to get reasonable photos was to take them first at a normal resolution and then select them in Evernote. With the version I installed today, the resolution is still locked, but at a much more reasonable size: 640x480, the size I use for my pictures of labels and such anyway, so now the "snapshot" command is usable.

(Later note: I just noticed that the resolution can be set on the Options->Snapshot Import page. That's great! Thanks!)

I just wanted to post that in case others who had similar issues hadn't noticed the improvement yet, and to say "thanks" to the Evernote development team. You guys take a lot of (sometimes unreasonable, IMHO) hits from various posters here, so I wanted to be sure to dish out kudos for responding to earlier reports of problems in this area.

(Now if you could just fix the responsiveness problems with inking... :) )

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