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(Archived) Is there an release date for Evernote 3 Final?

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We don't have a specific date for when Evernote Beta will stop being "Beta". I don't think it will be Beta as long as some services (like Gmail) that have been in Beta for years, but we don't have a specific date set now.

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Funny (????) answer

1) What is the need to compare EN with Google instead of a straight "don't know"...."one year"...."10 years".

(a little modesty would be advised as Google is a giant in achievement, En3 more of an baby ant till now).

2) Gmail never made us pay for beeing Beta (Google uses publicity, that is true, but never in Gmail itself) and we had 1 GB to start with (still growing)

3) Are you willing for us to wait En3 get out of Beta before we begin to pay?

Just to put things in perspective. We are your (possible) clients, we need better answers than this one.


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IF it was a joke (mi englis is poore) then

I aplologize on my knees, kiss their feet, etc....




But, joke or not.... I am sure the first poster was waiting for an answer "answering the question".... We are speaking about money and need to know when the En3 will be OK, cause I am not going to pay for a Beta (no offense, but I need more than that).

So it would be nice to get an estimation, or a plan, or whatever.... to help us take our decision

Best regards!!!


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We don't have a date when we'll transition from Beta to full. (We don't even have a date set internally ... I'm not just being secretive.)

Google's Gmail Beta does have a premium (paid) option, but I wasn't comparing Evernote to Google (the company) -- just saying that some other services have stayed in Beta for a long time, and we may be in Beta for a while longer.

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