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(Archived) No images have their text searchable, OCR not working

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I'm having a similar problem. 24 hours ago I uploaded a hand-written note with three words (the picture has good quality in my opinion) - just to see how the text recognition worked. So far, none of the words have been recognized (the OCR status icon is still grey). A few hours later I uploaded a screenshot of this forum, same result.

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Can you tell us what format the saved files are in? ..and (where it applies) what dpi resolution they're saved at?

My understanding - and recent experience - is that text in reasonable resolution JPG's and TXT or DOC files is scanned within 24 hours. Provided, of course, that you didn't add them to a local notebook?

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OK so the screenshot of this forum has been recognized - it took almost 48 hours but it worked (I'm on the free plan). The hand-written note (which is a 300dpi JPG) has not been yet recognized. I'll keep waiting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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