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(Archived) Reinstall defaults to original account on computer



We have transitioned our primary computer to a shared computer at home. We are using Mac OX 10.6.7.

As part of the going to shared system, I set up various "accounts" for individual logins for different members of our family. I am using what was the primary/original setup and migrated everyone else to sub accounts.

My wife originally had evernote installed on the original/primary account. I have to tried to uninstall the program multiple times, reboot, etc. Every time I try to reinstall so that it will start fresh and sync with my account, however, it just defaults back to hers.

I'd rather not move our personal login accounts as a bunch of work has gone into transitioning everyone on the MAC.

Any suggestions?

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Are all your wife's notes sync'd? If so, you could try deleting the Evernote data user/library/application support/evernote. I think this is where the system is 'remembering' that your wife's account.

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