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(Archived) Feature request: Share Stacks

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Besides the annoyance of having to share each individual notebook with a partner, the reason I need to share stacks is so my partner can search tags and clips that span multiple notebooks. It'd be really nice to have this feature, and I hope to see it in an upcoming version.

For the most part, though, Evernote is really helping us review clips for the documentary we are editing. Each note's title begins with the clip name and then a succinct title. We can then tag characters, themes, places, and other useful things. It's a remarkable engine, and makes our current task - to go through terabytes of footage, a bit less daunting. We just focus each day on fleshing out a bit more of this network, and creating the artificial brain of our film.

Anyway, back to work!

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I think the first stage will be to implement Stacks across all platforms which as we know is coming 'soon'. Then I would imagine, they will look at adding Sharing capabilities.

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